Week 316

Another week largely taken up by Free Birds. The whole team (Alper, Tim, Niels and myself) worked together on finishing another release, which we did with only a small bit of overtime on Friday. With each sprint we learn more about the intricacies of Unity’s UI system.

We also delivered a spec and a budget for TEDASUKE, which the client will use to back up a grant application for the product’s development. We used a list of user stories as a light-weight specification. To arrive at a budget we then assigned a size estimate to each story (using t-shirt sizes) and for each size we assigned an average amount of hours for the disciplines involved. The whole process was relatively painless but did yield the required amount of detail.

In the lead up to Lekha’s presence at XOXO we updated the Bycatch website with a link to our artist statement and an endorsement from Lea Schönfelder. Perhaps most significantly, we quietly switched to charging our customers in dollars in stead of euros, for various reasons too boring to go into here.

I updated the page for Camparc in our portfolio to include the excellent video made by Sylvan of our run at STRP this year. I also added a description of how the whole thing works now, as well as some more photos.

And finally, on the weekend Alper visited some new spots for an upcoming update of Cuppings.

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