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Week 217

Alper start­ed last week putting the final touch­es on the code‑y bits behind a Tum­blr we set up to cap­ture a part of the things that pass through Hub­bub’s semi-closed stu­dio chat chan­nel. Mean­while, I did some work on a Pro­cess­ing sketch that would help Simon with the art for the playable info­graph­ics we’re making […]

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Week 214

While I was com­ing down from my cold, Kars spent the week criss­cross­ing the Nether­lands attend­ing meet­ings of var­i­ous kinds. One such meet­ing was about the future of edu­ca­tion in a tru­ly idyl­lic loca­tion pic­tured below. ASARI is in its final phase, run­ning through spread­sheets to see how the design will work out with real world […]

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