Hubbub has gone into hibernation.

Week 259

I am getting back into things after a pleasant two weeks of holiday on Bali. Meanwhile Alper is heading to Austria for two weeks of hiking, camping and reading Piketty up in the mountains.

Judging by the notes Alper has left me as well as the activity logs in Asana and Slack, things have been progressing nicely in my absence.

I am particularly excited by the work done on Camparc (FUNKOROGASHI) by Aldo. In the taxi back from the airport yesterday I watched with glee at footage shot by the first camera ball prototype. Also, our first big water ball was delivered, giving us an opportunity to get familiar with its physical properties. Size, weight and so on will greatly influence the kind of play Camparc will afford. Aldo also built a gyroscope for the camera and raspberry pi which fits the big ball, and he made good progress on streaming video from the raspi.

For KEGANI, Alper did some research into the possibilities of getting the game published by a European boardgame company. Results are kind of inconclusive so we will continue to talk to people and think about what is the best match for our slightly left field game concept and subject matter.

For Indigo, the annual exhibition of Dutch indie games, Alper reviewed a number of games. There were a couple of interesting entries so I’m sure the next big edition at the end of September will be worth a visit again.

And finally before starting packing, Alper presented design lessons learned from esports at JOIN, the first local multiplayer game summit which was organised by our Berlin friends Sjors and Lorenzo.

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