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Making Camparc

This is a writeup of how we went about mak­ing Camparc, a pan­or­amic cam­era ball. The story starts in July 2014 when STRP asks us to make a pub­lic space game for a ‘scene’ — one of the events lead­ing up to their 2015 bien­nial. They were look­ing for some­thing eye-catching, access­ible to a broad audience, […]

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From the trenches of project Maguro, part 3

Project Maguro is fin­ished and on this Monday, we’re doing a quick eval­u­ation. Entering the war room provides us with an inter­est­ing sen­sa­tion. It’s as if we can still smell the gun powder. Hear explo­sions faintly, in the dis­tance — but only when listen­ing intently. Sitting down, it feels like we’re expec­ted to start crunching […]

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From the trenches of project Maguro, part 2

We’ve hit upon a bug, and it’s a showstop­per. Somewhere in the coun­try, at the offices of a large gov­ern­mental organ­isa­tion, 48 indi­vidu­als are play­ing the pilot of Project Maguro, which I last wrote about two months ago. The play­ers are trad­ing goods on our game’s web­site, and some­how they’ve ful­filled all of today’s orders. […]

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