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Week 291

I’m writ­ing this from the Nether­lands where I spent this week tak­ing meet­ings along­side Kars. I’ll be off to Berlin tomor­row while Kars is in Eind­hoven for the first run of Cam­parc II at the STRP bien­ni­al. He did a tech­ni­cal test on Mon­day and final bits of pro­duc­tion for what should be a spectacular […]

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Week 289

This is @_fov hold­ing a raspi that streams video to his desk­top over a 4G con­nec­tion. As you can see, I am pleased.— Kars Alfrink (@kaeru) March 3, 2015 Cam­parc Mk II is in its final stages of devel­op­ment with some touch ups on the soft­ware and con­struc­tion still to be done. There was also […]

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Engagement loops are the best way to motivate people using game mechanics

It has been a plea­sure to see our asso­ciate Sebas­t­ian Deter­d­ing’s think­ing evolve through his pre­sen­ta­tions over the years. It has been a treat to read every new deck and to fol­low his rea­son­ing in detail. You can also trace a very dis­tinct line about games, user expe­ri­ence, psy­chol­o­gy and ethics that has become more […]

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Week 287

A week in which we got a lot of things done. KUMA is near­ing com­ple­tion with anoth­er round of mock­ups run by the client. Aldo is mak­ing steady progress on the next ver­sion of Cam­parc. We are going to do an ear­ly con­cept explo­ration for SHIJIMI about games in urban devel­op­ment. Most of my time […]

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Unity makes iterative design easy

We are cur­rent­ly in the mid­dle of a project for which we are using Uni­ty 3D to quick­ly cre­ate a work­ing pro­to­type. We had want­ed to use Uni­ty for a while now because oth­er tools felt too con­strained. Now we final­ly have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to do so. Oth­er design com­pa­nies and depart­ments are also find­ing out […]

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Week 285

The best news last week was the go-ahead on SHACHI. We’re excit­ed to start work on that in the new week. Work on the next ver­sion of Cam­parc has start­ed for the STRP bien­nal. Kars ran a work­shop at Beren­schot togeth­er with Jeroen van Mas­tright. As research for the work­shop I looked to find dilem­mas in […]

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Week 283

The biggest event this week was that we ful­filled the pre­orders for Bycatch and sent every­body a newslet­ter with updates. That took up a lot of our time and atten­tion as well as fix­ing some last minute hic­cups and mak­ing sure every­thing was right. At the time I’m writ­ing this I’m see­ing the first games […]

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A 2014 recap

Each year we review our Objec­tives and Key Results for that year and adjust them for the fol­low­ing one to pro­vide guid­ance for our stu­dio. The goals sum­ma­rized are to be the best known and respect­ed play­ful design stu­dio that works with the best peo­ple in the field to deliv­er val­ue for our con­sult­ing clients […]

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Week 277

We gave and won the pitch I men­tioned last week for the Dutch Muse­ums Asso­ci­a­tion so that is very good news and makes it very like­ly that we’ll be able to real­ize that idea in the new year. Stand­ing made it out to the App Store and is look­ing amaz­ing. Bycatch now has a BoardGameGeek page […]

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Week 276

Last week we fin­ished a lot of stuff which is real­ly nice. Bycatch is now ready to print thanks to the efforts of Kars and Ties. I pre­sent­ed about the con­cept at Talk and Play and did an impromp­tu playtest both of which were very well received. We’re now plan­ning how to tell peo­ple about our […]

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