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Week 272

Last week was a fairly quiet week over at the studio. Kars did the delivery for our engagement over at KLM and then got ready to go on holiday to Seoul where he is right now. Bycatch was featured over at Killscreen with a very nice article. I was sick for most of the week […]

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Week 270

My week started with the second day of the Asia-Europe Culture Ministers Meeting (ASEM)’s workshop on playful cities. It was a huge pleasure spending two days with talented peers from Europe, many of whom’s work I admire greatly. It was equally great to meet Asian practitioners and hear about the big differences in their local […]

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Week 238

We are mostly working on AJI right now with lots of proposals and smaller engagements running in between. We are preparing a ton of things for the coming six months varying from new projects, to publications, exhibitions, presentations and teaching engagements around the world. Besides all of that we have also been enjoying the unexpectedly […]

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Week 223

I spent a fair part of last week video editing the results of the workshop we did at the Mozilla Festival in London a couple of weeks ago. Editing demoes into something concise without losing the essence is a very time consuming but fun process. We’ll share the video as soon as we get a […]

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Week 169

Last week started out with a visit to the Utrecht Medical Centre to discuss a possible new project. I was introduced to this by my younger brother Ties, who is one third of the infamous Pony Design Club, a graphic design studio and also of Dufarge, whose apparel I regularly sport. Anyway, the project is […]

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Week 129

Hello from Dublin. I am writing this belated weeknote in between sessions. Last week saw more work on Saba, with Karel and Hanne making a first playable prototype. I got to play it together with Erwin and the direction seemed promising. So we documented it and shared it with the client and got some enthusiastic […]

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My talk at Ignite Amsterdam 4

Here’s a selection of the 20 pictures I showed at Ignite Amsterdam 4, and the words I managed to cram into the 5 minutes I had available to me. It’s about some of the things that excite me, some of our recent work (most notably PLAY Pilots) and some of our new projects on the […]

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