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Making Camparc

This is a writeup of how we went about making Camparc, a panoramic camera ball. The story starts in July 2014 when STRP asks us to make a public space game for a ‘scene’ — one of the events leading up to their 2015 biennial. They were looking for something eye-catching, accessible to a broad […]

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Week 274

At the start of this week Alper was still in NYC after enjoying another excellent edition of PRACTICE. He did some work on Bycatch with Subalekha and otherwise enjoyed the city before heading back to Europe on Tuesday. While he was making the crossing, I participated in the first Tegenlicht meetup in Utrecht. We watched […]

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Presenting Bycatch, a card game about drone surveillance and remote warfare

We’re proud today to present Bycatch, a card game that we have been developing and that’s available for pre-order right now. As the site says, Bycatch is a game about ‘flawed surveillance, impossible decisions and the people caught in between.’ Players can shelter civilians, gather intelligence about those of others and based on this intelligence […]

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Week 214

While I was coming down from my cold, Kars spent the week crisscrossing the Netherlands attending meetings of various kinds. One such meeting was about the future of education in a truly idyllic location pictured below. ASARI is in its final phase, running through spreadsheets to see how the design will work out with real […]

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Week 170

So another week has passed. It dawned on me this weekend that for me, there are four more working weeks left in the year. That’s a bit of a shock, but then work will just continue on happening in 2013, so it’s odd nearing the end of the year still feels like a thing. Anyway. […]

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Week 169

Last week started out with a visit to the Utrecht Medical Centre to discuss a possible new project. I was introduced to this by my younger brother Ties, who is one third of the infamous Pony Design Club, a graphic design studio and also of Dufarge, whose apparel I regularly sport. Anyway, the project is […]

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